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Plan a Campaign from Start to Finish

With the right tools, every company - small or large - has the potential for a fulfilling and successful campaign.

What should I do prior to our campaign?

  • Attend United Way Employee Campaign Coordinator Training (2016 dates TBD)
  • Meet with your United Way representative to develop a campaign strategy
  • Consider incorporating a Leadership Giving campaign to increase success. The ECC Guide can help you get started
  • Meet with your management and confirm commitment
  • Establish a campaign goal
  • Establish a committee, if needed
  • Establish a campaign plan and timetable
  • Schedule an agency speaker or tour, and/or a company volunteer project

What takes place during the campaign?

  • Launch your campaign with a kickoff rally
  • Present campaign materials at employee meetings
  • Schedules special events and games for staff
  • Follow up with employees unable to attend
  • Update employees with campaign information

The campaign is over, now what?

  • Tabulate results and submit to United Way staff
  • Thank your committee, solicitors and employees who participated
  • Nominate your workplace for a Best of Award
  • Attend the United Way Campaign Celebration & Best of Awards
  • Pat yourself on the back for a JOB WELL DONE.

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Year Round Employee Engagement

Campaign Coordinator Guide
Campaign Timeline
Campaign Planning | Resource Library
Top 10 Tips for Success
Download Campaign Order Form
Download Campaign Report Envelope
Download Corporate Pledge Form
Download Individual Pledge Form

Campaign Materials

United Way staff can provide you with many printed materials to get started. However, if you need quick access to brochures and posters, you can download print-ready materials here. 




"I Fight United For" Printable PDF

Campaign Posters


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